(PHP 4)

php_uuloadfile -- Scans a file for encoded data and inserts the result into the file list.


int php_uuloadfile (string fname[, bool delflag])

This function scans a file for encoded data and inserts the result into the file list. Each input file must only be scanned once : it may contain many parts as well as multiple encoded files, thus it is possible that many decodable files are found after scanning one input file. On the other hand it is also possible that no decodable data is found.

The parameter delflag is optional. If it is not set up, the value false is assigned to it. If it is true, the input file will automatically be removed within php_uucleanup. This is useful when the decoderís input are also temporary files this way, the application can forget about them right after they're "loaded".

The behavior of this function is influenced by some of the options, most notably UUOPT_FAST. The two most probable return values are UURET_OK indicating successful completion or UURET_IOERR in case of some error while reading the file. The other return values are less likely to appear.
Note that files are even scheduled for destruction if an error happens during scanning (with the exception of a file that could not be opened). But error handling is slightly problematic here anyway, since it might be possible that useful data was found before the error occurred.

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