(PHP 4)

php_uue_preppartial -- Produces a complete MIME-formatted "message/partial" message including all necessary headers.


int php_uue_preppartial (resource outfile, string infile, int encoding, string outfname, int filemode, int partno, long linperfile, long filesize, string destination[, string from, string subject, bool isemail])

Similar to php_uue_prepsingle, but produces a complete MIME-formatted "message/partial" mes­sage including all necessary headers. The function must be called repetitively until it runs out of input data. For more explanations, see the description of the function php_uuencodepartial.
The only additional parameter is filesize. Usually, this value can be 0, as the size of the input file can usually be determined by performing a stat () call.
However, this might not be possible. In that case, the value of filesize is used.
If the size of the input data cannot be determined, and filesize is 0, the function refuses encoding into multiple files and produces only a single stream of output.

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