(PHP 4)

php_uudecodefile -- Decodes a file and copies it to its final location.


int php_uudecodefile (resource item[, string target])

The file is decoded and copied to its final location.
The parameter target is optional. If it is not set up, the value NULL is assigned to it and the final filename is composed by concatenating the save path and the result of the filename filter used upon the filename found in the encoded file.
If target is non-NULL, then it is immediately used as filename for the target file (without prepending the save path and without passing it through the filename filter).

If the target file already exists, the value of the UUOPT_OVERWRITE option is checked. If it is false, then the error UURET_EXISTS is generated and the decoding fails. If the option is true, the target file is silently overwritten.

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