(PHP 4)

php_quick_uudecode -- Decodes all the multi-parts or single-part files given.


bool php_quick_uudecode (array source[, string destination, bool erase, bool overwrite, bool callback])

This function decodes all the multi-parts or single-part files.
Note that this function is special. It shouldn’t be called between a php_uuinitialize call and a php_uucleanup call. Indeed, php_quick_uudecode calls these two functions internally.
Moreover, it is useless to call php_uusetoption before calling php_quick_decode. Indeed, php_quick_uudecode doesn’t use the options set before its call.

The names of the encoded files must be in the string array “source”.
Others parameters are optional.
By default, files are decoded to the current directory. But if “destination” is set, there are several possibilities :

By default, encoded files aren’t erased after being decoded. But if “erase” is true, they will be removed if the decoding operation succeeds.
By default, when this function finds that the target file already exists, it is simply overwritten silently. If “overwrite” is set to false, the decoding operation fails.
By default, the messages generated by the library aren’t printed. But if “callback” is true, all messages of level UUMSG_NOTE or greater are printed on the web page.
The function always return true if it is called with the good parameters.

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