PHP att_codec, what is it?

PHP att_codec is a module (or an extension) for PHP4 written in C language.
It is based on the widely used C-library UUDeview.
This extension is able to code/decode large mails attachments (Formats: base64, UUEncoding, XXEncoding, Yenc).

Why was PHP att_codec developed?

Some projects similar to PHP att_codec already exist but they are running slow because they were developed in PHP language.
That's why we decided to develop PHP att_codec. It is faster than the other extensions because it is written in C language and based on the existing C-library called UUDeview which is specialized in this domain.

Who developed PHP att_codec? How can we contact them?

We are two French students.
We study computer sciences at the "Université Louis Pasteur" of Strasbourg.
During our fourth year, we had to create a project.
We have chosen to develop an extension for the PHP community.
Our names are Stéphane Degré and Renaud Hager.
Just click on our names to send us an email or use one of the following adresses :

Where can we find PHP att_codec?

PHP att_codec is heberged by sourceforge. You can download the sources, the binaries and the documentation in the following address : https://sourceforge.net/projects/php-attcodec/
You can also consult our web site in the following address http://php-attcodec.sourceforge.net/


The C-library UUDeview is under GPL licence. The php extension is based on the C-library UUDeview, that's why the php extension is also under GPL Licence.

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