Example 2 :

This example does the same as the first one but it only uses one function. This is the special function named php_quick_uudecode. It calls internally all the functions that were called explicitly in the example 1.


// We define the array that contains the name of the files to decode.
$array = array ('C:\01 - before decoding\ST.001', 'C:\01 - before decoding\ST.002', 'C:\01 - before decoding\ST.003');

// We define the savepath (second parameter).
// We indicate that we don't want to erase source files (parameter three).
// We indicate that the function can overwrite existing files (parameter four).
// We indicate that the function must call the message callback function defined internally (last parameter). php_quick_uudecode ($array, 'C:\02 - after decodage\\', false, true, true);


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